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Love Yourself Feature - Chantelle Paige

Daniela Walsh

1. Tell us a little about yourself and what #loveyourself means to you.

It's always so awkwardly fun telling people about who you are as a human! My profession for awhile was music, it was such an amazing time in my life. Writing music from the heart, releasing an album, touring Europe... My group, Flipsyde broke up and I continued writing music for a while after. I met my now husband and was commuting back and forth to SF and felt like maybe my time having music as my career was over and it was time for something new. I had no idea what that looked like, it was scary and exciting! I dabbled in event planning with an incredible planner and while doing so started playing around with social media... throughout this searching process I started making a little living from social media and figured, "why not?"! I've been playing on the internet ever since and loving every minute of this new job, if you can even really call it that ;p 

Loving yourself! Oh my. There as so many different ways to answer this. In short....

Life: no matter if you're searching for a new career path, steady in your current path, finding yourself, secure in who you are.... love the process and love whatever part of the process you're in! Give yourself advice like you do your best friend, positively! No one knows how to do life, enjoy the triumphs as much as the tribulations! 

Looks: as women this can be tough! We look in the mirror and tend to let all the "imperfections" be the prominent aspects we stare at. Train yourself to see the positives always! In my opinion, confidence is what makes women stunning! Imperfections are what make us uniquely us. So bask in being you and love on yourself. You deserve the love. 

2. Have you ever struggled with self love? Was there a time period or a single experience that made you question your personal worth, and what did you do to overcome that? 

Of course!!!!! Everyone has. I got bullied in junior high... but my main time of need to self-love more was definitely during my music career. I had so many people telling me who I should be and how I could look better. From weight to hair color to how to accentuate my looks. It was a tough time, and some of the people closest to me were the most critical which always hurts the most. I felt "un-pretty" and lost so much confidence. I think one day I just realized that my body is allowed to change as I get older, my hair color doesn't make me a better person, and I can accentuate whatever or choose not to accentuate whatever parts of my body I want to. It helped to hear that other women in the industry (and out of) struggle with this as well! 

I took back the control by realizing that it's my body, my self-worth, my decision to have the confidence or not...  and I reclaimed myself, so to speak. 

3. How was becoming a wife and getting ready to welcome a baby girl changed the way you view yourself?

I've been so lucky to not have the normal struggles in this realm. My husband is the MOST loving human and makes me feel incredible for my insides and would compliment my outsides no matter my weight, amount of makeup, or fashion sense. So, getting wedding ready was more about getting into a healthier routine and lifestyle as opposed to going on a diet or mad-dash-workout.  I think when you take the pressure off how to be "perfect" you take away the stress and truly thrive in your skin. I've always felt, and consequently looked, my best when I'm happy and not stressing about it I think... 

As for baby, I'm loving the extra love all over my body hahaha, and embracing the change. I will say I had a moment of panic! I got pregnant the month we got married, so the part of me that cares about the physical of course went, "ughhhhh but I just got in shape!!!!!". I've gotten over it and fallen in love with every kick from inside of me. I'm growing a human inside of me!!! It's one of the coolest experiences ever and I'm trying to take in every moment of it, judgement free :) 

4. We all love social media! But it can be hard to not get trapped in the ‘comparison game’ while scrolling through Instagram. How do you stay away from comparison, keep it real and love your life & yourself while being part of the Instagram world?

I celebrate other women and their achievements and looks instead of comparing. We are all SO different and unique. There's no sense comparing myself to anyone else... I just love on them instead. I've been lucky that I've been able to celebrate myself with female friends who also are this way, we constantly love on each other and build one another up vs secretly wishing for what one another have. My sister is also an amazing example of this, we look so similar but we've always been great at never comparing ourselves. We genuinely are excited for one another, always, and growing up that way with my closest female friend made it easy to be that way with everyone else. 

5. What do you do for YOU? Whether it’s a daily thing or less often, what do you do to love yourself and make yourself a priority?

My new 30year old thing is getting facials and massages! I indulge in a little old-fashioned self-love, a spa day haha.... 

Daily, I take time to myself to read a book, play guitar, or learn something new by reading various articles or keeping up on politcs. I try to make it a daily priority to better myself on the inside. Some days have better growth than others, of course, but it's been a fun new "game" I play. 

FRIDAY FUN QUESTION! If you could hop on a plane and travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

I'm currently in Paris on my (belated) honeymoon... sipping a cappuccino while eating a croissant! So, it seems over-indulgent to wish I was anywhere else at the moment :D 

...but Greece and Japan are top on my list for my next go to destinations! I love cities where I can explore and see new cultures! Alright, my hubby and I are now off to explore Paris and grab lunch!!!! Thanks so much for having me and thank you even more so for spreading self-love!!! 

With love,


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