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A clothing line for women who want to make a statement.


Love Yourself Feature - Carly of Lipgloss and Crayons

Daniela Walsh

1. Tell us a little about yourself and what #loveyourself means to you.

To me, loving yourself means treating yourself with the same love and kindness you use with others in your life.  It’s about nurturing your spirit and your confidence so that you are able to be your best self, to enjoy your life, and to bring positivity to the next generation.

2. Have you ever struggled with self love? Was there a time period or a single experience that made you question your personal worth, and what did you do to overcome that?

I’ve struggled with my body image my entire life.  My thicker thighs were a hug source of insecurity from middle school into adulthood.  When I became a mother, I realized how important it was to NOT pass my insecurities on to my daughter.  But the struggle? I had to demonstrate self love and a positive body image.  I had to practice what I was preaching.  It took time, work, and stepping outside my comfort zone to truly begin the process of loving myself and my appearance.

3. You are all about body positivity on your Instagram feed! What advice do you have for other women to not fall into the ‘comparison trap’ on social media?

I think the key? Is focusing on seeing the beauty in others, and seeing it in ourselves.  Social media can be an amazing connector, or it can be a total tool for comparison and competition.  I try to spend time building up other women each day on social media.  I fill my feed with women who promote positivity.  I work on collaborating with others.  That reminds me that there is truly enough space for us all.

4. What do you do for YOU? Whether it’s a daily thing or less often, what do you do to love yourself and make yourself a priority?

When my daughter was a baby, I struggled with making time to do ANYTHING for myself.  As a teacher and a mom, I felt I was constantly giving to others.  And it felt selfish to ask for what I needed.  What did I realize? BURNOUT IS REAL.  When I burnt myself out, I had little to give.  So now? I carve out time for jogs in our neighborhood and dates with girlfriends.  I’ve learned that I need that social time with friends.  I’m a total extrovert, and being in community with other women feeds my soul.

FRIDAY FUN QUESTION! We know you love Disneyland like we do! What’s your favorite Disneyland ride & treat?

Oh my gosh, TOUGH QUESTION.  We are Disneyland Annual Passholders, and spend a lot of time at the Happiest Place on Earth.  Our current favorite ride? Toy Story Mania.  Now if I could just get a high score, my husband beats Lydia and I every time!  And my favorite Disneyland treat? There’s nothing like a Disneyland Macaroon.  There are always specialty ones available…..but the raspberry macaroons at Jolly Holiday on Main Street? A total staple in my Disneyland diet.

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