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A clothing line for women who want to make a statement.


Love Yourself Feature - Kris of With Love from Kris

Daniela Walsh

1. Tell us a little about yourself and what #loveyourself means to you.

I was born and raised in Miami, Florida & love it! I work in Marketing for my 9-5 and have my B.S in PR. I love pink and am a hoarder of clothing haha. I am fluent in Spanish as I am a Latina. Loving myself means knowing my self worth — as well as others’. It means trying to smile as much as I can because I am grateful for this life! 

2. Have you ever struggled with self love? Was there a time period or a single experience that made you question your personal worth, and what did you do to overcome that?

Yes! I have always been thin and when I was a teenager I thought I wasn’t woman enough because of that. But by learning to truly be grateful for my life & body, I was able to notice the beauty all around & love my body.  Now I feel confident and know how to celebrate others & myself! 

3. How are you using your social media platform to share positivity with other women?

I love to share positivity by supporting other women & celebrating everyday life as a single person, and by trying to smile as often as possible. 

4. What is your favorite quote about self love?

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” -Buddha

5. What do you do for YOU? Whether it’s a daily thing or less often, what do you do to ‘treat yo self’?

YES! We ALL need to treat ourself! I love to get my hair washed/done by others. If I could afford to do this everyday I totally would! Can we say heaven? 

FRIDAY FUN QUESTION! What is your favorite way to spend a Friday night?

I am single, so hopefully on a date with my possible Prince Charming haha, and of course good food always! 

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