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Love Yourself Feature - Sarah at Sassy Red Lipstick

Daniela Walsh

1. Tell us a little about yourself and what #loveyourself means to you.

Hi! My name is Sarah Tripp and I am a body positive fashion and lifestyle blogger over at Sassy Red Lipstick. My platform is all about helping women learn to love their bodies and feel confident no matter their shape or size. As a curvy size 12 myself, I want to help girls and women feel their best by being fashionable and celebrating their body through their personal style.

#LoveYourself means celebrating your body! We as woman get so concerned with trying to change our bodies to fit a very narrow description of what society says is "sexy." But we're all unique and beautiful in our own way so we should accept our body rather than battling with it. Stop worrying about hiding your body and celebrate it instead! Life is too short not to love the skin you're in.

2. Have you ever struggled with self love? Was there a time period or a single experience that made you question your personal worth, and what did you do to overcome that?

Even as a confident body positivity advocate, I still have my down days! I think that's just part of being human. There are days where I really have to remind myself to practice what I preach and not let an ill-fitting pair of jeans or unflattering photo ruin my day. I always say that self-love is a long winding journey. Confidence doesn't come overnight, it's the result of a consistent effort to look in the mirror and only think positive thoughts. We tend to be our own harshest critic and we need to stop that habit of critiquing ourselves. Make a promise to only think and say kind words to yourself and over time that will snowball into more self-love.

3. We believe that “who you surround yourself with is who you partially become” — who do you surround yourself with that helps you love yourself more? What effect do you think the people you surround yourself with has on your ability to love yourself?

My husband Robbie has given me so much confidence from the day we first met. In college I was always the curvy girl who didn't get asked out on as many dates as all my thin friends. I had convinced myself that guys only wanted a size 2 and that I wasn't as desirable because of my body type. Robbie came into my life and instantly reminded me that I was attractive, sexy, and beautiful, not despite my curves but because of my curves. To this day he can't get enough of my thick thighs and soft tummy and big booty. He's constantly saying things to me like "Your body is perfect" and kissing my stretch marks. Having a man beside me who has loved and celebrated every inch of me since day one has pushed me so far in my self-love journey.

I always say that genuine self-love has to come from within, but it's also just as necessary to have a cheerleader in your life. It doesn't have to be a romantic partner, it can be a friend or family member. Surround yourself with people who build you up and make you feel confident in yourself. Don't waste time or energy around people who are negative and like to tear down others or make you feel small. Find your tribe with positive vibes and pull each other up!

4. We all love social media! But it can be hard to not get trapped in the ‘comparison game’ while scrolling through Instagram. How do you stay away from comparison, keep it real and love your life & yourself while being part of the Instagram world?

It can definitely be hard when we're seeing everyone's highlight reels and many people feel like their's doesn't compare to others. My advice is to refocus on your goals and dreams. It's hard to be worried about what others are doing when you're focused on living your best life. I once attended a beauty event with Gwyneth Paltrow and she gave some great advice to the intimate group of bloggers that had been invited. She said: "Don't look sideways, look forward. Don't worry about what the people next to you are doing, focus on what you're doing." It was such great advice from an incredibly powerful and successful woman, and I always try to remember that when I find myself getting caught up in that negative thinking.

5. What do you do for YOU? Whether it’s a daily thing or less often, what do you do to love yourself and make yourself a priority?

My favorite self-care practice is to take a long bath! Sometimes I'll set up my bath caddy and get emails done or reply to my DMs on Instagram, sometimes I'll read a book, and other times I'll just sit there and be. As life has gotten busier for me, I've realized how important it is to take time for you and not feel obligated to give too much of yourself to everything else. At the end of the day, your mental health is top priority and you can't do anyone any good if you're frazzled or burned out. Always make time to decompress each day so you can be your best self.

FRIDAY FUN QUESTION! What is your favorite candy?

Hi-Chew Sours! I love sour candy and the tropical flavors in this bag are incredible. Hi-Chews are actually a Japanese candy so sometimes they're hard to find but I know my stores and it's my go-to treat for sure!

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